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Jewish Quote of the Month
If you don't know what you're willing to die for, you haven't begun living...  -- Rabbi Noah Weinberg zt"l
About ACP     
Aish Campus Pittsburgh - the real deal.

Fueled and pressured by the likes of some of the coolest Jewish students on the planet, Rabbi Asher and Shulamit Cohen could not deny the call to return to the States from Israel after a 10 year sojourn. Impassioned to E-ducate, to E-mpower and to E-nliven the Jewish students in Pittsburgh, this precious student community could not be ignored.   

Today Aish Campus Pittsburgh is thriving and jiving. Students who join the ACP programs generally fit the profile of any Jewboy or Jewgirl, ie. they hated hebrew school with a passion, have had no interest of anything remotely Jewishsounding for years now besides "HeBrew" beer and Matisyahu, have had no cravings for bagels and lox AND have never experienced any "Shabbos" in their Shabbat. (What's that anyway?) 

For some, after year 12 or 13 all Jewish education stopped and no tears were shed, believe me! - and no, they have not seen "Schlinder's List" despite Steven Speilberg's impassioned Academy Award winning speech (see youtube) that topped even Tom Hanks speech for "Philadelphia!" 

Israel Israel Israel.  Time to go and time to grow.  And don't give me any blah blah judaism please!  You won't find that any of that quente porfavor.

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