"If you want to represent the Jewish people, you have to know what the Jewish people represent." - Rabbi  Noah Weinberg. 

Aish Ignite Pittsburgh, headed by Rabbi Seth and Lisa Cook is a one-stop resource for all things Jewish for young professionals and students from across the Pittsburgh area. Located in Squirrel Hill, AIP offers a range of cutting edge Jewish programming and trips. Drop in for a gourmet Shabbat or holiday meal. Join us for inspirational one-on-one learning on any topic of your choice from beginners to advanced. Check out our amazing range of Israel, Poland and US-based trips and internships including JInternship- or just swing by to schmooze with the Rabbi or Lisa. Rabbi Seth and Lisa are here for YOU to meet the needs of all of Pittsburgh’s young adult population, no matter your origin.

Become a partner with us in building the new generation of Jewish leaders on Pittsburgh college campus and beyond.