What will I learn about in the Maimonides Leaders Fellowship?

The Maimonides Leaders Fellowship covers a diverse amount of topics related to Jewish philosophy, ethics, relationships, spirituality, activism, and more.

How do I apply to Maimonides?

You need to fill out our online application form to start the process. Upon receiving your application, a representative at Aish Pittsburgh will contact you for an interview.

What are the requirements of the Maimonides Leaders Fellowship?

In order to graduate and be eligible for the $300 stipend, participants must attend all 9 seminars (2 hour session each week for 9 weeks) and 1 Shabbaton in Squirrel Hill, and complete any requirements as explained by Rabbi Seth Cook. Your eligibility must be approved prior to the beginning of the fellowship. Aish Pittsburgh also reserves the right to reject a participant for failure to complete Maimonides requirements. Students who need to miss a session can make it up with Rabbi Seth or Lisa Cook by appointment. Please discuss the make-up policy with Rabbi Seth.

What kind of Jewish background do I need to have?

Maimonides welcomes students from a wide range of backgrounds from little to no knowledge of what it means to be Jewish, to having attended Sunday school or Jewish day school. Maimonides students may begin with some Hebrew or none at all. Some students may have primarily cultural or secular Jewish backgrounds, while others have more knowledge of Jewish practices and traditions. All are encouraged to learn, explore and grow as individuals – and all are welcome.

Who are the teachers?

Aish teachers are individuals who personally practice traditional Judaism while being supportive and committed to helping students become Jewishly educated, literate and empowered. Maimonides will be taught by a combination of Rabbi Seth and Lisa Cook and high-profile speakers from the professional and non profit world.

Where and when does Maimonides take place?

Maimonides will take place every Tuesday night starting September 17th at Hillel JUC, from 7pm - 9pm.

Who sponsors the fellowship?

We are fortunate to be sponsored by numerous philanthropists from across the US.

We are fortunate to be sponsored by numerous philanthropists from across the US.

How much does it cost?

Maimonides is totally free! In fact we pay you! See requirements above.

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