Got questions about Judaism? Meet up with us once-off or on a regular basis for a coffee and a half hour and learn any topic you like. From Jewish philosophy and belief to Talmud, politics, gender and relationship issues and more, there's nothing we love more than for you to pick our brains and throw us the tough questions. Rabbi Seth and Lisa are available Monday thru Thursday throughout the year. Be in touch to schedule a meeting!



During winter break we generally offer a meaningful and inspiring 7-day journey through Poland which explores Jewish life before, during and after the Holocaust. Tour the ghettos of Warsaw and Lodz, the sites of death camps Treblinka, Majdanek, Auschwitz-Birkenau and Chelmno, and experience Shabbat in Krakow. This trip is highly-subidized (cost TBD). Email Lisa for more info or to register your interest for our upcoming trip.


We source out and bring to Pittsburgh the newest and most popular classes and workshops presented by world-renowned Jewish educators and speakers. In addition, Rabbi Seth and Lisa give group learning sessions covering the spectrum of Jewish topics - bringing the theoretical to practical Jewish growth. Stay tuned for info about upcoming classes plus Lisa's ever-popular challah-baking classes and workshops.​ Be in touch to submit a request. 

If it's Israel you want, we can get there - and back again! Starting with a FREE 10-day Taglit Birthright Israel adventure which runs summer and winter, we can then get you back to Israel on a number of different subsidized trips. For those interested in a more intensive Jewish learning experience, we also offer a range of beginners study options and intermediate Yeshiva and Seminary Programs. Please be in touch with Rabbi Seth or Lisa to discuss your options and to help get you back to the Holy Land fast! 



We partner with Jinternship and over 800 companies to take you to Israel, Washington D.C. or NYC and help you launch your career with a top internship, as part of a program that also combines interning with learning with some of the world's top Jewish educators. Our internship programs run throughout the year, including a 2-month summer session in Israel. Scholarships are available. Visit or contact Rabbi Seth for more info.  

Come join the Aish crew at the home of Rabbi Seth and Lisa for a family-style, gourmet Shabbat meal! Catering to students and young adults from across Pittsburgh, we extend a welcome to all. In addition to Shabbat, we also host Jewish holidays throughout the year, including Rosh Hashanah, Sukkot and Passover. Aish is open for Shabbat dinners and lunches most weeks of the school year. Please fill out the form to be in touch about Shabbat.